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If you're looking for a step above the typical fast food Taqueria No Pos Wow. Choose from multiple dishes and receive top notch service. Sit, eat, relax, we look forward to serving you. Also it's the perfect thickness with just the right crunch on the bottom of the crust. We had a mushroom pepperoni zucchini and their Italians salad and it was really good! May 22, by Don P. Holy Moses! You kidding me that I haven't done a review of Klondike's? Wifey and I have been coming here for over 20 years. We had our first date here.

What keeps us coming back here? Denali's with red sauce, ranch dressing, and being able to chuck yer peanuts on the floor. Good times. This place is quirky. The decor is Alaskan hoarder. Not many places on the Central Coast has an eating establishment with a moose head, automated piano, ski poles, flags, boxing gloves, and Christmas lights. That's only the beginning.

The food is wonderful. It is a family pizza joint so you have to keep a certain perspective. We absolutely love their red sauce and the ranch salad dressing. We have tried their white sauce on All you Can Eat Tuesday but it doesn't compare to their red sauce. The usual pizza we order is their Denali's with red sauce which is their combo.

If you want to sample all of their pizzas, come on Tuesdays as it's all you can eat for 8. I give it 5 stars as for its food and all the good times we've had here. May 16, by Eric.

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May 12, by Jack Houston. Been here many times, tonight not a good experience. One of the pizza's should not have been served. After waiting for an hour it arrived so burned it was inedible. Am now going on half an hour for the replacement. We have lost our appetite. I did notice ours was not the only burned pizza being returned. Probably our last visit to Klondike Pizza. So sad. Follow-up: Waited for over another hour for the replacement. Staff were very apologetic. Gave us a coupon for a free xtra large pizza. Don't know what was happening. Guess I'll return at least once to redeem the free pizza.

I have no complaints about the dining room staff. They seemed very uncomfortable about the situation and apologized several times. Two hours a bit too long to wait for your pizza.

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Apr 27, by Ghost. Apr 20, by Kim Carr. Pizza is my favorite food I had a friend tell me about Klondikes and I couldn't wait for my next work trip to the area to try it! This is now my go to pizza place. I've been here a couple times now. All I can say is WOW. They are pricey BUT the mini here is more than enough for one person so it is well worth the cost. The ingredients are so fresh and delish. If your in the area and you like pizza Klondikes is a must. Apr 17, by Nicholas H. There manager has poor manger skills, too many people doing very very very little, pizza sucked, white sauce cheese pizza 4 times around?

I'm alright this place is as bunk and dirty as it's floor. Apr 07, by Brent Clavin. Klondike pizza is amazing! I have been to the Santa Maria location before, but this was my first time to the original location. It's a neat atmosphere where you get peanuts while you wait for your pizza, and you throw your shells on the floor. Personally, I love the roadkill on white meat lover's-type special , and my wife likes the Denali on white vegetarian-type special.

We showed up around 5 pm on a Thursday, and there wasn't many people there at the time, so we only had to wait for the actual food to be made. I think it took about minutes for the pizza to be made. The service was great, and the employees were extremely nice! We were there with my 18 month old boy and the employees had a high chair at the table ready and waiting for us. There was also this nice little story about how the owners met.

It was obviously a piece of fiction, but reading it was nice and helped pass the time. I wonder if they print these frequently with different stories. I'll have to go back and see if there's a new story! It's a great place for a family, and a nice dinner out. I absolutely recommend it! Apr 07, by Jim S. Still great. It was a hit then, and still awesome. Peanut shells on the floor. Stuffed moose head on the wall, next to the player piano.

I had a baked sub sandwich today. Loaded with meat, cheese, veggies. The signature pizza is loaded with Reindeer Sausage explain that to your kid who still buys into Santa. The sauce has a small bite to it. If you like garlic, treat yourself to a pie with their White Sauce. Best anywhere. Apr 01, by Crystal Wagener. All time favorite pizza.

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Love the atmosphere family friendly environment. Be prepared to wait, on a busy night it can be upwards of an hour to get your pizza. But there are arcade games for the bigger kids, and all you can eat peanuts till pizza arrives. But allergies be warned. Peanuts everywhere. Mar 27, by Gil S. Hands down the best pizza place in down!!!

Klondike never disappoints.. Mar 15, by Jill G. But topping pizza was a saucy mess, no flavor. Their manager seemed to micromange the place and employees. At one point an employee asked to box our pizza. We told him that it was no problem and that if he gave us a box, we'd box it ourselves, to which he responded, "I have to do it so I can squeeze it into the smallest box possible, these things cost way more money than you know.

As we left, on the wall, we saw a cartoon drawing of the staff with a bright confederate flag. Yeah, it's gonna be a no from us dawg! Won't go back there again. Mar 15, by Brenda W. We were the first to enter around 5 pm ordered our pizza, and sat down, the place started filling up and after 45 minutes I went to the counter to see where our pizza was and the lady said its on the counter, I just need to find someone to bring it to you.

So after waiting some more we finally got out pizza as so did other people who had arrived much later than us. The pizza sucked, it was warm and soggy. Mar 14, by Kathy F. But today at lunch the smell in the dining area is awful. It's like a cross between cleaning fluid and something rotting. I do wonder when the fabric flags etc from the ceiling was taken down an cleaned last? Left with a nasty headache. I think I'll get my pizza to go in the future. The pizza was awesome as usual. Feb 27, by Elisha. This place is great I could throw your peanut shells on the floor Pizza great come on Tuesdays it's all you can eat pizza and salad and garlic bread the best pizza is the Roadkill and they have games for the kids.

Feb 26, by JP. First time visiting. A pizza joint in a basement. After waiting 40 minutes, no pizza. Apparently 'dropped' according to the restaurant team. A lovely worker by the name of Olivia came to the resue. She expedited our pizza and gave us salad.

Super awesome service. Great pizza too. Feb 25, by AJ Collins. Always a crowd favorite. My kids and the adults enjoy eating peanuts and tossing the shells on the ground. You will never run out of things to look at! It is a great location for an 'I Spy' game. The pizza crust is thick and chewy, while the sauce is just a tiny bit sweet. The cheese and other toppings taste fresh and not processed. The service is normally okay, sometimes a little slow because it is almost always busy.

Bring your quarters, there are video games to play!! Feb 23, by bingsythingsy. What kind of pizza will you create? Such a warm small town joint with amazing pies. A must for any length of stay down in San Luis. Feb 18, by Richard M. The only reason why im leaving 2 stars is because the quality of food is on point.

The customer service the past 2 times i came here was horrible. Next time i get pizza from here i will get it to go! I rarely have something negative to say and it takes a lot for me to write a bad review. Feb 15, by Jody Perez. Good old school pizzeria that never disappoints. And a friendly, warm atmosphere to boot!

And the local, wandering roosters outside are an added bonus! Yes, roosters galore! Feb 12, by Shasta Arnold. This is probably the best pizza I have Ever had! Great cheese bread and a super cool place! This will be our new out of town spot!! Feb 10, by Brittany Parsons. Pizza is yummy, and flavorful! The white sauce is tasty and the meatlovers pizza Roadkill is a favorite. Fun family-friendly atmosphere. The shells from the peanuts they give you can be thrown right on the floor which is fun! The reason I gave 4 stars is that the staff is helpful and friendly but the wait time waiting for them to bring out your pizza is VERY long.

Even on a night that was not very busy we waited an exceptionally long time for our salad and pizza to come. A busy night is one thing but the turn around time for the pizza needs to be quicker. I've come here for many years and it is usually a "normal" wait for your food but it has been quite a long wait the last few years. Jan 27, by Edwin Martinez. Great atmosphere, food, prices, service and staff!

Came in on a Friday night, it was really busy, had a small Hawaiian pizza, dinner salad and two root beers. It was more than enough food for two, leaving is with leftovers. Although there were lots of kids running around, thanks to all the signs, it was a pleasurable experience. Definitely worth the price, and the wait.

The staff was very accommodating when we asked to move tables, to be in a warmer spot. We plan on coming back, weekly! Jan 24, by Andy R. We've been passing this restaurant promising to try it. Today is the day. Here are my impressions and food thoughts: 1. Eclectic in a fun way. Peanuts and sawdust in the floors.

Very 's retro. There is a small arcade with two pinball machines and several other amusement devices 3. If you think you are going to get the real story about the restaurant "founding" and Klondike Alaska connection On the tables and wall there are numerous "Stories". Each one is different and a fun read. I'm sure there is a kernel of truth in each one. Regardless, it adds to the uniqueness of the restaurant. My thoughts about the pizza. I liked the taste. BUT, it's always the "BUT" in a sentence that takes away everything preceding it the dough was dough-y.

Frankly, it reminded me of a Roman frozen pizza not cooked enough. I informed the server but she wasn't very interested and you can tell that no one in the kitchen would ever know. Regardless, there are several things on the menu I want to try including raindeer sausage. I will update my review in the future. The restaurant is fun for those who are young and young at heart. A pleasant diversion if you are not rushed for lunch. Jan 16, by Jeremy F. Ordered several to-go pizzas. The pizza was good. The ranch was really good. We'll be back next time we're in the area.

Jan 06, by Stevo Edwards. People are awesome! Great attitude Jan 05, by Connor O. Dec 22, by Brandon B. Best pizza ever. Normally love toppings on my pizza but they've perfected the Cheese pizza. Peanut shells on the floor, arcade games, have been coming here for 20 years and it still excites me to come here.

Dec 21, by Sherri J. Great pizza! My husband and I took two of our granddaughters here for dinner. We all rated this place as a family. A very fun place, lots if funny signs and everyone there was very friendly. Fast service for being a full house. Dec 06, by Noel P. Wow this place is horrible in terms of customer service. Came here for lunch with 3 of my co-workers. It was around noon.

Visit an Alaskan favorite in the Village of Arroyo Grande

The place only had 2 people when we arrived. We ordered our lunch meals.

Klondike Pizza has been serving Good Times ‘n Good Grub on the California Central Coast Since 1988

We sat and waited. My 2 co-workers received their salad 20 min after and their pizza 30 min after.

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My other co worker received her sandwich 35 min after and I received my sandwich 40 min after. There was a customer that ordered about 10 min after we sat down and he received his meal before us. The waitress claimed there were only 1 person working in the back. The meals were okay. We left pretty pissed off. My boss left a suggestions card and hopefully this establishment reads it. I will never come back at this place. Nov 29, by Mel C. We walked into this place on the Friday after Thanksgiving knowing it would be busy and the wait would be awhile.

I had no idea the wait would be one hour and twenty two minutes! We asked twice what the wait would be and no one would give us a straight answer. When our order was taken the girl told us it would be "A long time" which doesn't mean anything to me. It was so long we all began to joke about it. It seemed like no one had food and everyone in the place was getting restless. It was so forever that I walked around the place to see how many tables had received their food. Only four! Thank goodness for the peanuts or the whole restaurant woulda starved. The dude at the drink station, Caleb, was such a hot mess.

The drink line was long. He seemed like he was having a constant battle with the ice machine. He was beating the ice down with a bat and just generally sucking at filling cups quickly. The place and employees made me somewhat uncomfortable. Other than Tarah, who was by miles the best employee there, all the other workers just seemed annoyed and short tempered. I asked the person I thought was the manager, Olivia, for some boxes and she looked at my face and walked off.

Then she was gone long enough for me to wonder if she was getting me a box or just ignoring me. All their signs posted at this "family restaurant" are kinda mean about children. I get that parents need to watch their bratty kids but posting multiple signs about them seems too much.

If it weren't for Tarah, who was professional, kind and attentive, I would have given only one star. Nov 26, by Liz S. I will start by acknowledging that the pizza was quite good. Unfortunately the customer service was so bad that it ruined our first and only experience at Klondike's. Our order consisted of 2 pizzas, 2 orders of garlic cheese bread, 4 sides of ranch dressing, and 4 sodas. Should be easy. We ordered and were seated.

Got our drinks and peanuts and waited. I know good pizza takes a while and I was with my hubby and friends, so no problem. Then one pizza shows up. Another 5 minutes and the second one shows up. How do they not serve both pizzas at one time? More problematic - where is the garlic cheese bread and ranch?

Flagged down a server who looked flustered beyond belief and asked. She brought the ranch and told us they were cutting the garlic bread We ask again and get a different story. A third story. And now they ask if we still want it or if they should wrap it to go. I ordered garlic cheese bread. I want my order and I want to eat it at the restaurant. Finally, my friend approaches a woman who appears to be managerial and gets the next lie about the order.

I think she lies so much that she doesn't know who she told what, because she finally brings the bread to the table and tells us a completely different lie than what she told my friend at the counter. At this point we are so disillusioned with the place we get a box and leave. I have worked in restaurants. Errors happen. However you own it and fix it immediately. If they had been honest with us, I could be understanding. Nevertheless the attitude from the manager and the incompetence of the staff which I see as a direct reflection on management means that this was my first and last visit.

Nov 25, by Ryan U. The pizza is good. They have some different items that aren't run-of-the-mill: reindeer sausage not Santa's, the menu specifies , chicken cordon bleu Pizza, etc. Service at the front counter was friendly and inviting. We arrived about 20 minutes before the dinner crowd. The problem is the kitchen. Our order includes two pizzas, two cheese breads, and 4 ranch. The pizzas came first, after about 45 minutes of waiting.

We inquired about the ranch and cheese bread. We were told the bread was coming out of the oven and asked if we wanted the ranch now. The server brought the ranch and apologized for the pizza. The manager, while trying to be friendly offered 3 new excuses for why the bread wasn't done. Offered to refund if we didn't want it. When the bread came up, as I was speaking with her, she brought it to our table and gave a completely different excuse to the entire table as to why the bread was late. Overall, the food was decent, but the service ruined it.

We won't be returning. Nov 21, by Julian Watkins. Love stopping at Klondike Pizza anytime we are near Arroyo Grande. They are very generous with their toppings and their pizza crust is awesome. Their biggest problem is that they are often too full to get a table, so best to go at off hours. Free salted peanuts to munch on while you wait for your pizza to come out. Nov 20, by Katelyn Sweigart. The atmosphere is laid back, with peanut shells on the floor and bare beams covered in Christmas lights and bumper stickers.

It has character up the wazoo with an Alaskan theme. Nov 18, by Nick H. I have been going here for about 20 years now, and have never experienced a bad pizza from here. If anyone tells you to order anything besides the pizza, tell them they're crazy. Order pizza here, it is excellent. Sometimes the line can get long and it takes awhile to get your order in. So be smart, and call in, don't blame the place for being slow because its busy, that doesn't make sense.

Don't pay attention to anything less than 4 stars for this place, those people don't know good food, OR we're already having a bad day and blamed everything on Klondike's. I've definitely had many many different pizzas in my life, Klondike's is undoubtably the best around!

Nov 11, by Rueben Daniel Mon Bibi. Awesome Dinner after a long mile relay. Great people that work there. Gotta love the pizza and peanuts..!! Nov 10, by Phillip Booker. This place is very nostalgic for me. I've been going here since I was very young. Love the casual "peanuts on the floor" atmosphere. Great pizza. Nov 04, by Brian Lopez. Alaskan themed pizza joint makes for a fun atmoshpere that is Kid and family friendly. Several custom pizza creations, salads, wine, beer you got it all. Probably a little more expensive than the mainstream chains but well worth the price.

Oct 28, by Jacob Racho-Luis. Always amazing food, service, and atmosphere. Love coming to Klondikes every time I'm in town! For some sweetness after a nice dinner, head across the street to Doc's for some incredible ice cream. Oct 20, by Esmeralda L. I'm not used to seeing a pizza joint like this one back home. I loved the feel of the place and the staff was very upbeat! Really cool place to come and eat pizza. Must try the Klondike pizza!!

Will def come back again!! Oct 13, by Juston Pack. Absolutely impressed by the quality of pizza and customer service received from the awesome staff. Definitely will be back on the next trip to California! Sep 29, by Susie C. Sep 23, by Gary Dias. The Sicilian salad was really good and we really enjoy the pizza. It was bigger than the pizza pan! Service was great as well. The atmosphere is fun. Sep 18, by Cesar Martinez. We really enjoyed our visit to this place.

The staff was awesome and the food was delicious.

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The best Baja Fresh I have been too. The food is super fresh and gets to you quickly and the staff is fantastic. I made a few requests with my order and was met with a smile and the food came out perfectly. The salsa bar was fully stocked with a great array of salsa's. A great place to eat.

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